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I am running for the U.S. Senate to bring about the needed change to protect our Democracy and to improve our state. No donation is too large or too small. Every dollar that you contribute will be used to build bridges across our state and within this nation to help all Americans live out the true meaning of its creed. If you believe that every American should be treated with respect and dignity, I ask for your support. If you believe what binds us ‘as the nation’ are greater than the forces that divide us, I asked for your support. If you believe that our state and our nation can be better than where we are now, I ask for your support. I cannot win this election alone, but together, We Can! Every dollar brings us one step closer toward moving Wisconsin Forward!


Without a doubt, this will be one of the most important elections in Wisconsin’s history. Please join me on this journey. Let’s take this walk together. Remember: Williams Works for Wisconsin!