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As your United States Senator, I will:

  • Fight for better veterans benefits.
  • Fight for better healthcare.
  • Fight for diversity, inclusion and belonging for all people.
  • Fight to ensure the scale of justice lean toward equity and justice for all people.
  • Support law enforcement while restoring community trust.
  • Support our educators and advocate for higher teacher pay.
  • Support Women’s Rights to Choose. 
  • Support the Right to Bear Arms.
  • Lead efforts to bridging the racial divide in our state and across the nation.
  • Advocate increasing the minimum wage.
  • Advocate for greater Mental Health Services.
  • Continue the fight against COVID-19. 
  • Work with businesses to create more family-supporting jobs.
  • Work on behalf of our senior citizens.
  • Will fight Against Voter Suppression.

I will work for YOU!